Thank you for submitting to perform at the 2022 Deutschtown Music Festival. This year’s event is on Friday and Saturday, July 22 & 23.


Each accepted band/artist performs a 50-minute set.


We are a free, non-profit event without a dedicated source of funding. Because of that, we are unable to guarantee any compensation upfront.


We have been able to provide compensation for the past five years. For the past two years, that amount was $25 per person (5 person band = $125).


Our goal as organizers is to maintain or increase that amount.


Notifications will go out to all submitters in early April. 


2022 Artist/Band Submission

U.S. entries only, please!
U.S. entries only, please!
Please provide a direct link to a song. YouTube links are acceptable.
Please try your best to select one. This will be used in our event schedule.

Point of Contact